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«Во имя Святого Новосвящённоисповедника Гурия, епископа Казанского»



Карпатский Фронт «Бэад Арцейну»




«Opera et Studio!»


We are not a secret lodge. Our brotherhood is at another level. The enemy of his senses, but can not comprehend, and stretches to the profane allegories. Hence the comparison with the Freemasons.

Chivalry has inherited the Celtic tradition and was a Gnostic inspiration from Islam. Total knightly orders were the only memory of the Roman Empire, preserved among the anti-imperial elements of the Christian West. Christianity adopted the Western Jewish understanding of the monarch, receiving power from its creator, the ontological roots. Emperor — is a winning hero, a victor. Empire building in the West — is the Order’s construction. If the Empire — the tool will Dominator, the medal is like external manifestation of his soul.

We consider ourselves to be the legal successor of the Order of Galician Cross, established in August 1928 in Berlin panel elders Ukrainian Galician Army (UGA). The bench consisted of the commander of the Ukrainian Galician Army, Lieutenant-General Myron Tarnavskii, Lieutenant-General Mikhail Omelyanovich-Pavlenko, Lieutenant-General Anton Kravs and others (a total of 15 full members and 10 candidates). Award was made in Vienna. She was awarded the UGA soldiers and civilians.

Great Priory established in areas with toponyms Galich.

Now there are only two —- Galich Cherven (in Ukrainian Galicia) and Galich Mersky (in the Russian Kostroma region). Third — aul Galiat (at tagaurskom dialect Galyatz in Irafskij region of North Ossetia) on the stage formirovaniya.

Functions of the Grand Master to complete the official initiation of the Order of the Board performs the Grand Prior and prelates. The Order is divided into Priory, Subprioraty, Commanderies, Chapters, the Company’s honor and Groups to listen. Subprioraty one country form a National Association.

Regent-Protector of the Order is Princess Ezethan Tamerlanovna Dadianova (of the Ossetian branch Kolkh junior Dadiani-Chikovani, a descendant of Sidamont — through Khabaeva-Habayty, Proceedings of the village, in the middle of Alagirskij valley along the river Ardon, North Ossetia).


On May 17, 2009

The duties of the tread, together with early tread Ezethan, has also started New Prince of the Most August Protector of the Order of the Temple of the Holy See’s Virgin Galicia — Duke Sergei Dadian-Zhagat de Zhegota-Starykon, from the House of the Old Dadiani Royal House Samegrelo, Svaneti, Abkhazia, Racha and Lipartiano.

Group members will automatically receive the status of Knight Bachelor without being tied to any subpriorat (later will be issued and certificates). People gathered near a 3 or more members, form a local chapter and receive the status of knight-bearer and steward of the Chapter. Chapters may be converted to Commanderies and commanderies form Subpriorats.